In the midst of all the WiMAX excitement, this is just a friendly reminder to all the iPhone 3G fans out there.

Mark 22 August on your calendar.

In less than two days the second wave of iPhone 3G launches will hit 20 new countries. One of them is our neighbor across the causeway, Singapore and none of them is us – Malaysia.

In the build up to the Singapore release, exclusive (for a limited time till StarHub and M1 comes in) device partner SingTel has released its price plan to complement the sought after device.

Check out our sister blog iPhone3GforMalaysia on some of the details.

Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, U Mobile – so how? Malaysia Boleh right?


Yesterday, the CEO of Maxis has mentioned that Maxis hopes to be one of the selected operators to offer the iPhone 3G in Malaysia as Apple finalises its distribution policy for Malaysia. It is unknown currently on the state of their negotiations and what type of bundling they might offer.

This piece of news would be interesting for iPhone 3G hopefuls out there who are wanting to get their hands on a official iPhone 3G.

Visit our sister blog, for details and pledge your support if you haven’t.

A little bean has informed us that the Malaysian Insider reported that Maxis will offer iPhone 3G in Malaysia at a competitive price below RM1K. We are unable to verify if this true at the moment and there are no further details on the contract period, plan offers & content bundling.

Anyway, don’t forget to check out and show your support for an iPhone 3G in Malaysia.

iPhone 3G Hits US market today

iPhone 3G for Malaysia

July 11, 2008

You know you want it. Be heard and let’s get them rolling.

SoyaCincau is attempting to gather support of each and everyone of you to voice out your call to have iPhone 3G to be made officially available in Malaysia. With our close neighbours such as Singapore & Philippines offering iPhone 3G, there is no excuse why Malaysians should be left out.

Check out and show your support! Sokonglah iPhone 3G untuk Negara!