With MNP just around the corner, the battle heats up in the telco industry. After we’ve seen U Mobile & DiGi‘s response, Maxis has finally came into the picture with its New Value Plus.

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I Love Postpaid

July 30, 2008

It’s safe to assume that most of our readers have already seen DiGi’s new postpaid plans. We like the ads and the plans are not that bad either.

Now, they’ve come up with this.

www.ilovepostpaid.com is DiGi’s latest viral marketing effort.

It’s a simple online game based on a word game where they give you a word and you try to make as many words as possible from the letters in that given word.

Take the word “Flat” for example. From the four letters you can create new words like “Fat”, “Lat”, “Alt”, you get the drift.

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We have been talking about mobile networks so far and have yet to mentioned anything about WiMAX in Malaysia. WiMAX is a new telecommunication technology that would bring broadband to greater heights compared to what Malaysia is having at the moment.

To date, the WiMAX licenses in Malaysia have been awared to only a handful of companies but so far we have yet to seen anything out from them. Fortunately however, there’s one which is closer to reality and that company is Green Packet which has been rebranded recently.

Currently, Green Packet’s commercial broadband arm Packet 1 is showing something tangable which gives some assurance that they are ready to launch. During the WCIT 2008, they have showcased their WiMAX modem which was designed and made in house by Green Packet.
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U Mobile has issued a press release that it has achieved 100,000 subscribers since April 2008. This figure should include their first U38 Postpaid plan together with the new postpaid and prepaid plans.

“We are grateful that consumers have much confidence with U Mobile in a short time span. This is an achievement that we are all very happy with and we have our customers to thank for this. This achievement is also testament to the appeal of per-second billing to our customers who are looking at more and more ways in which they can save especially during times of rising cost,” said Mr. Oh Kwang-Jin, Chief Executive Office of U Mobile Sdn Bhd.

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DiGi has started airing its new TV Commercial for its new postpaid plans.

“We all love different things, but we all love savings…”

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After Maxis launched its Hotlink 365, DiGi has responded with its Reload Once, Stay Connected for ONE Year offer for a limited time period between 23rd July – 31st August 2008.

DiGi’s offer is simple and gives more value to its customers as it only requires a RM100 usable reload. This means every single sen spent for validity is actual credit or talk time that subscribers can use.

On Hotlink 365, its subscribers are required to pay a yearly fee of RM33 which is similar to paying access fee which subscriber can’t utilise.  On top of the RM33 fee, they would need to top up RM30 within the first 6 months of activation.

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U Mobile has finally launched several TV Commercials on national TVs. To date we have seen 4 different versions. For those who haven’t seen it, we managed to find 2 of the ads on YouTube. Personally we liked the Teh Tarik version which is quite funny and unexpected, especially the part at the very end.

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Our sister blog, iPhone3GforMalaysia carried the news reported by the New Straits Times yesterday.

The story goes that during an interview after the launch of the 2008 Mobile Content Challenge yesterday, Maxis CEO, Sandip Das was quizzed about the prospect of Maxis bringing the iPhone 3G to Malaysia and whether the rumour holds any water.

His reply was:

As and when Apple decides to finalise its plans for Malaysia, Maxis hopes to be one of the operators to offer the iPhone – Sandip Das

This is interesting to us as it appears that Maxis and Apple are in a negotiations stalemate with regards to how Apple’s unconventional business mechanism will be between the two companies and how it will affect Maxis.

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Yesterday, the CEO of Maxis has mentioned that Maxis hopes to be one of the selected operators to offer the iPhone 3G in Malaysia as Apple finalises its distribution policy for Malaysia. It is unknown currently on the state of their negotiations and what type of bundling they might offer.

This piece of news would be interesting for iPhone 3G hopefuls out there who are wanting to get their hands on a official iPhone 3G.

Visit our sister blog, iPhone3GforMalaysia.com for details and pledge your support if you haven’t.

Happy, a no-frills prepaid on DiGi’s network has finally introduced direct debit payment thru Maybank2u. Previously Happy accepts only credit card transactions which limits its online subscription audience. Currently, it is estimated that there are 2.7 million credit card holders in Malaysia which is equivalent to only 10% of the population. With this new payment channel, we believe they are now capable to acquiring a larger subscriber base.

At the same time, Happy has also spread its wings about a week ago to Sabah! It was reported that they have been organising roadshows at strategic locations in Kota Kinabalu. As MNP is drawing near, it is obvious that Happy needs to spread its presence around Malaysia in other to secure its footprint in the prepaid segment.