Would you like a refreshing drink? Or perhaps a refreshing point of view?
Well then you’ve come to the right place.

We are a couple of guys with have something to say, who like tech, beautiful designs and ingeniously simple ideas that just work.

We have different opinions of things but the good thing is we balance each other out.

We don’t like complicated crap filled with convoluted mumbo-jumbo just because the person in charge of making it all happen just can’t be bothered to do any better.

So here we are. This blog exists for us to share our thoughts with you. Specifically an alternative view of the local mobile scene and if we have the time, maybe about everything else.

Hope you enjoy the refreshing alternative taste of SoyaCincau.


One Response to “Would you like a refreshing drink?”

  1. Nesh Aran Says:

    Hi i would like to know you and follow ur knowledge on iphone 3g..i am student in Tech park malysia…we r crazy about iphone….we cant deside weather to buy 4rrm singapore or buy the expensive unlocked ones or buy other phone…becoz there no official time bound from maxis or apple…sad…so can we talk more? on msn or facebook?

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