We didn’t get an invitation but we managed to get in! 🙂 P1 W1MAX has officially launched in Malaysia just hours ago at Mandarin Oriental. The launch was spectacular with impressive presentations, testimonial as well as light dance shows. They even got Hannah Tan to be the MC for the event.

Its CEO Michael Lai has spoken many aspiring stuff about broadband and how Packet 1 is eager to broadband whole Malaysia.

If you read our previous post, we revealed that there are 2 speed packages for business & personal. Apparently the said page was removed from the website after our posting. This time, the page is up again and we discovered that they are actually offering 4 speed packages of 400Kbps, 700Kbps, 1.2Mbps and 2.4Mbps. Read on to check out the updated packages.

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Update 19082008Check out the official and updated packages in our latest posting.

Tomorrow Packet 1 will make history with Malaysia’s first ever WiMAX launch which has been widely anticipated. It is said that Energy, Water and Telecommunications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor would officiate the P1 W1MAX event tomorrow afternoon.

So how much is the subscription? Are subscribers tied to a contract? Read on as we managed to get an early peek on its offerings.

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We have been talking about mobile networks so far and have yet to mentioned anything about WiMAX in Malaysia. WiMAX is a new telecommunication technology that would bring broadband to greater heights compared to what Malaysia is having at the moment.

To date, the WiMAX licenses in Malaysia have been awared to only a handful of companies but so far we have yet to seen anything out from them. Fortunately however, there’s one which is closer to reality and that company is Green Packet which has been rebranded recently.

Currently, Green Packet’s commercial broadband arm Packet 1 is showing something tangable which gives some assurance that they are ready to launch. During the WCIT 2008, they have showcased their WiMAX modem which was designed and made in house by Green Packet.
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